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Love actually

One day I was walking across the bridge and I noticed this. It was a mystery. Why were people locking padlocks on the bridge? I decided it was probably backpackers. It seemed like a backpacker type of thing to do. They would leave town but their padlock would stay on our bridge as a sign they were here, like writing in wet cement.

Then, I visited Paris earlier this year and walking across the Pont des Arts saw this…

More padlocks than you could poke a stick at. The entire bridge was covered. We were bemused until a boy on a skateboard explained to us that they were love locks. Lovers would lock the padlock onto the bridge and throw the key into the water. He told us that sometimes there were so many padlocks that the powers that be would come along and cut them all off but then, of course, all the people in love would come back and lock some more on.

This couple were in the process of doing just that when I walked by. They even had a professional photographer to get a close up of their padlock. See all the padlocks on the bridge behind them?

This couple had a photographer too.

We also have lots of wedding couples having their photos taken around Sydney Harbour.

And we have these, just a few, but at least I know what they are now.

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